Hey U all:) I took a trip to Cebu to check out what was going on over there... I ended up in a big festival, and had LOT of fun!!!!! Thanks to all my friends down there:) Take care!!!

cebufestival36_small.jpg mortenguttormsenradiationman5_small.jpg cebufestival37_small.jpg mortenguttormsenradiationman6_small.jpg
cebufestival38_small.jpg cebufestival39_small.jpg cebufestival40_small.jpg cebufestival41_small.jpg
cebufestival42_small.jpg cebufestival43_small.jpg balutiatethat_small.jpg radiationokayincebu_small.jpg
radiationokayincebu2_small.jpg cebu2_small.jpg cebu3_small.jpg cebu4_small.jpg
cebu5_small.jpg cebu6_small.jpg cebu7_small.jpg cebu8_small.jpg
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